Today paradise put up a parking lot?

parking lot

Parking lot app can turn your vacant business into a parking lot

By Michael L. Jones – Reporter, Louisville Business First | Aug 7, 2023

If you drive a car, parking — like death and taxes — is just something that you have to do. Parking Management Co. (PMC), a Nashville, Tennessee-based valet parking and commercial parking management provider, is using a new digital platform to make it easier for Louisville drivers to find a space. The company’s proprietary software can turn any vacant property into a parking lot.

That includes vacant properties like the former Bader's Food Mart lot at the corner of Baxter and Broadway and land near Logan Street Market that are now being used as paid lots.

PMC also took over the Wick’s Pizza lot in the Highlands.

Granted, not everyone is thrilled to see Louisville's developable lots used for parking. But critics say it's more of a problem with city code than PMC…

PMC’s clients in Louisville include 16 commercial lots and seven hotels, according to Scott Goins, PMC vice president of sales. Goins said parking is at a premium in high-traffic neighborhoods like the Highlands and Clifton, and PMC’s commercial parking services help businesses maintain customer parking amid the compression.

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