Louisville Metro Consent Decree Update

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The anniversary of the Breonna Taylor knock-and-announce police search served as a rallying cry for those who support Louisville's Consent Decree. These supporters include the ACLU, the Louisville Metro Mayor and Police Chief, BLM believers, pacifist groups, Breonna Taylor's family and friends, various political activists in the community, and others who just don't get it.

These people say or think that the majority of Louisville's police are vicious and uncaring. Many simply want to 'Defund the Police' which is a goal of the Democrat Party.

Defunding the police costs lives. A consent decree costs both lives and $$$. Cities with consent decrees must pay millions each year for the DOJ mandates, and crime increases.

No one denies that a small percentage of all police are bad actors, but enacting a federal consent decree based on a tiny percentage is an aggressive move to federalize our local police. Nazi Germany began by nationalizing its police force which led to atrocities and a police state.

Please read the Fastzone.Substack blog Mistrial series on the association of the Breonna Taylor raid with the need for a Louisville consent decree.

Butting heads

What happens to a police union when a consent decree is established? An article on the Cleveland.com website offers an insight: The DOJ calls the shots. The article describes the mayor's contract with the police unions as violating the DOJ Consent Decree.

At about four minutes (4:00) in a recent WHAS11 TV news video, the reporter describes New Orleans’ experience with its consent decree. This news report touches on a negative aspect of these decrees, however, most local news explains how Louisville needs one because our police force must be corrected by the DOJ.

Louisiana Governor Jeff Landry has been an outspoken critic of New Orleans' Consent Decree. A Tucker Carlson interview with Landry when he was the state's Attorney General brought to light that New Orleans is the murder capital of the U.S.

Landry says in the video: “Right now in America, the three cities with the highest homicide rate are all under federal consent decrees. The federal consent decrees are basically a federal takeover of that city’s police department… You start to take back control of these cities by instituting local and state control in law enforcement.”

The recently passed Safer Kentucky Act is a start. Democrats call it 'Suffer Kentucky.' It was vetoed by Gov. Beshear this week, and at this writing we await the Republican overturn of that veto.

Learn from Louisiana

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Recently, Governor Landry called for the impeachment of the federal judge who oversees the New Orleans consent decree. In this article you can read how the judge controls every detail of policing. In February Landry announced an emergency due to a police officer shortage.

A meeting for the Louisville community to discuss the consent decree took place on April 8. The media reported it would be held at the YMCA on West Broadway but no link was found to that location last week. The below screenshot from WHAS News of a 'justice warrior' shows how the Bible is quoted as a reason to support the consent decree.

A virtual community meeting will be held on April 16. Watch Fastzone for more information.

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