Fastzone is a conservative news website under development, originating from Louisville, Ky. From here FZ news coverage expands to the Louisville Metro Statistical Area, Kentucky, the nation and the world. Some news items link to stories or documents that expose leftist agendas.

Fastzone seeks to engage Louisville Metro citizens in local, state and national political action by supplying links to resources and government sites and reporting on issues affecting our lives. Also featured are fun things to do, places of interest, business briefs and more. And, Fastzone exposes developments that reveal societal and cultural rot as a way of encouraging political action.

Real news is the canary in the coal mine

FZ’s service mark, Keep Your Eye on the Ball, superimposes the ball of the world on the baseball as the most important focus— the world and its many places, nearby to international. We become informed about trends and developments that affect our lives by tracking the news, enabling us to know the score and to prioritize.

Today, that is harder because some freedom of speech is curtailed in social media and mainstream narratives. In an encroaching totalitarian state, conservative investigative research and journalism can be dangerous and readers are accomplices. Yet without some push back— the die is cast, so let’s be engaged in current affairs!

For any not familiar with Western Civilization idioms, the die is cast was coined by Julius Caesar in 49 BC. It signifies that events have passed the point of no return.

Our Promise and Plan

  • When we publish an alarming post or series, we will not urge any specific action by readers unless we know of a responsible and non-violent means of showing concern.
  • Comments are welcome, generally speaking, and will be published though not in real time.
  • Perhaps a FZ weekly news e-letter will be emailed to subscribers; news alerts will be sent to subscribers by text or email. As noted, FZ is under development.
  • Fastzone is likely to remain an English-language news site, seeking to accommodate all readers. Though English is not the language spoken by most people in the world, it is ranked first as their second language. ASIDE: Louisville has many immigrants. Did you know they may become USA citizens without any fluency in English?
  • We are open to OpEds and guest writers.

For more information on the current owner, see here.

Fastzone on Substack

In addition to the news articles on this site, blog posts began to appear in the spring of 2022 on Fastzone.Substack.com/ to help fill the deficit in conservative news and investigative journalism, primarily in Louisville and Kentucky. Some post previews are in view (below or at right). The preview's orange RSS icon, top right, will take you to the full article.