Beshear Attack Ad #2 Under Fastzone Magnifier

Beshear Attack Ad

A recent article in the Courier-Journal by Joe Sonka focused on the second Beshear attack ad. Sonka is the C-J state government reporter and was a lead reporter for the series on former Gov. Matt Bevin's controversial pardons.

Watch the ad and LISTEN.

Sonka describes the ad:

Whereas the Democratic group's first ad criticized Cameron for not appointing a special prosecutor to investigate Bevin's pardons of “rapists and murderers," the second ad went further by criticizing him for hiring Bevin's aides who had pushed for some of those pardons.

Opening again with Cameron's promise to look into Bevin's pardon scandal and TV footage covering it, the ad's narrator states that Cameron "used taxpayer money to hire Bevin's top aides instead, surrounding himself with the same people who helped push Bevin's pardons.”…

Refused to appoint a special prosecutor? Cameron invited the FBI to investigate the pardons.

Bevin studied each case and drew conclusions, and his reasoning is documented. One case revealed he was lied to and had to sort out the truth.

Another case in the media spotlight was the pardon for Dayton Jones, a young man who was said to have “brutally sodomized a passed-out 15 year-old boy.” Bevin’s General Counsel, Steve Pitt, recommended a pardon or commutation for Jones.

In this incident, the act described— placing a tiny toy in an anus— was viewed by many as a prank rather than as sexual molestation. Horrendous judgment, yes, but a ‘party night’ BIG mistake, not an act like rape. The event where it occurred was described in that way.

Many of us who understand how today’s youth are harassed by media to go along with sexual deviancy as a matter of being virtuous, find it hard to judge them. How can they have traditional perceptions of right, wrong and what is normal? Sentencing in such an environment must be merciful.

Who is Steve Pitt? Why is it so important to Beshear to shred his good name? Great question.

Who Steve Pitt IS

During the Bevin administration, numerous pro-life bills were passed by the General Assembly and subsequently challenged by the ACLU and the abortion clinics. It was the job of then Attorney General Andy Beshear to represent Kentucky in the courts and defend these laws. He refused to do so.

The laws were: the Ultrasound Law, the Transfer Agreement Law, the Dismemberment Abortion Law, and the Heartbeat and Anti-Eugenics Laws.

Gov. Bevin asked his own team of attorneys to defend the laws. Steve Pitt, his Counsel and special advisor, served as chief litigator for Kentucky’s defense against legal suits challenging our pro-life laws. Chad Meredith, also maligned in the mainstream media, was Pitt’s right-hand man in these bench trials.

These are two of the men ‘your tax dollars’ paid to join AG Cameron’s staff.

Bevin’s attorneys worked into the wee hours to handle his administrative work plus the pro-life litigation, even though our tax dollars were paying Beshear to do that work.

For their self-sacrifice, a Resolution was passed in the 2019 General Assembly, praising them for their dedication: (emphasis added)

WHEREAS, the Attorney General has repeatedly refused to defend the pro-life laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, but has repeatedly written memos to discourage the General Assembly from passing such legislation, and has sided with pro-abortion groups such as the ACLU over the will of Kentucky's citizens; and

WHEREAS, Governor Bevin’s legal team has accepted the challenge to defend the critically important pro-life legislation passed by the General Assembly and has assumed the duties constitutionally mandated to be performed by the Attorney General; and

WHEREAS, Governor Bevin's legal team consists of only three attorneys who have dedicated a tremendous number of hours to the fight for life, working thousands of hours with no overtime pay; and

WHEREAS, through their dedication, Governor Bevin's legal team has saved the Commonwealth tens of thousands of dollars by not hiring expensive outside law firms;


Be it resolved by the House of Representatives of the General Assembly of the 21Commonwealth of Kentucky:
Section 1. The members of the House of Representatives hereby pay tribute to the dedicated and tireless work of Governor Bevin's legal team at this pivotal time in the fight for life and in defense of our most innocent citizens, the unborn.
Section 2. The Clerk of the House of Representatives is directed to transmit a copy of this Resolution to Governor Matt Bevin.

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A Resolution lauding Gov. Bevin was also passed:

A RESOLUTION honoring Governor Matt Bevin for his support of pro-life legislation.
… The members of the House of Representatives hereby pay tribute to the dedicated, courageous, and bold leadership of Governor Matt Bevin and his administration at this pivotal time in the fight for life and in defense of our most innocent citizens, the unborn.

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Yes, Cameron hired both Pitt and Meredith, but the adverse publicity that followed on Bevin’s pardons led to their resignations.

In Meredith’s case, he served as Cameron’s Solicitor General but was trampled by the MSM for refusing to turn over public records in response to an open record request, followed by a subpoena. He provided some records but did not release documents related to pardons due to ‘attorney-client and work-product privileges’.

Does the state have full rights to any communications, without respect to the legal principle and practice of client-attorney privilege, which is a norm undergirding the entire legal system?

You decide.