Access Louisville introduces Affordable Housing competition winners and more

AARP helps Louisville

The Louisville Metro is busy with many projects relating to affordable housing and expanding help to immigrants. In the below video, you will find out about resources you may not be aware of. Even the AARP is involved in helping Louisville with affordable housing.

Many business owners and managers in Louisville say it is hard to find employees. At about 15min 30sec (15'30") in the video, Patricia Kim, owner of JJC Maintenance LLC and DDM Case Management Services (behavioral health), is introduced by Mayor Greenberg. She says she looks forward to working with Amos Izerimana, director of the Louisville Metro Office of Immigration, to find employees.

JJC Maintenance has 400 employees and needs 230 more at this time. The company cleans offices. It is a certified Woman-Owned Disadvantaged Business and a Minority Supplier. Sorry white men?

For more information about the Metro agenda in Affordable Housing, please read the post: Louisville Homeowners, Man Your Stations!