JULY 2023

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Brett Hankison

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Found NOT GUILTY by Jefferson Co. Circuit Court; not returned to LMPD force; indicted by U.S. Department of Justice in August 2022.

After a Status Hearing with Judge Rebecca Jennings on May 17, Brett’s trial is now scheduled for October 2023, with 3 weeks allotted. The trial was rescheduled since the Defense must comb through 1.6 million documents (including videos) that have been produced by the DOJ as ‘discovery’ for this case. Watch for more information.

Constitution Boot Camp July 22, 9 AM-3 PM

Tea Party

A group from Ohio presents Constitution Boot Camps all over the country to help educate people about our country's foundation.

Email Roxanna@BuildingBlocksForLiberty.org to make a reservation! Scholarships are available for young people under 22.

Location: Midlane Park Presbyterian Church, 6209 Six Mile Lane, Louisville KY 40218.

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Ky Proud has new website
Find Farmer's Markets, More

Kentucky Proud, the official agricultural marketing brand of Kentucky, has launched a new website and an easier way for consumers to find a wide range of products with roots in Kentucky soil for the whole family to enjoy.

Read more.

Buy local | Find fresh produce

2023 Kentucky Summer Festivals
summer festivals in ky


Beshear Attack Ad #2 Busted

attack ad busted
Mark Levin interviews Daniel Cameron
mark levin and daniel cameron

Parent Alert

vaccine requirements

2024 Presidential Candidate Robert Kennedy warns about children's vaccines

Kentucky Public Schools Vaccine Schedules

USA & World

5 July 2023
Ideas on how to assimilate immigrants

tweeted: Unrest spreads across #France, #Switzerland & Belgium - 300+ fires, 300+ vehicles torched, 45K police deployed. What's it signal - Western civilization's decline or racial reckoning? Special guest Ralph Schoellhammer weighs in.

4 Jul 2023
Arkansas sends Guard to help at border

Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced Thursday that the Arkansas National Guard will send 80 guardsmen to the southern border on July 1 to provide surveillance and reconnaissance support to the Texas National Guard.

The soldiers will support border control efforts along the U.S. border with Mexico through the entire month of July, according to the governor's office. Read more

28 Jun 2023
ICE Data

The Biden administration is not just shattering records for admitting unprecedented numbers of illegal immigrants through the southern border, new government figures indicate it is also allowing more criminal aliens to be released into American communities after they get discharged from local jails for state crimes.

The latest data shows that the number of immigrant detainers sent by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to local police has fallen sharply since Joe Biden became president, which means illegal aliens arrested for local offenses are set free instead of getting turned over to federal authorities for deportation. Read more.

27 Apr 2022
Taxpayer Cost

The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) released an analysis using U.S. Census Bureau data that shows the illegal alien population has ballooned since Joe Biden took office by one million, bringing the national overall total to 15.5 million at a taxpayer cost of $143.1 billion a year. Read more.


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