Attack Ad NOT 'on the money'

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A Beshear attack ad accuses AG Cameron of ‘covering for Bevin’s pardons of violent criminals’— with Kentuckians paying the price.

In truth, the price that Kentuckians will pay for pardoned felons will be the votes for Beshear in the November 2023 General Election— finagled by Beshear in an unlawful blanket pardon of 140,000 felons in December 2019. And to these were added many thousands of other pardons in 2020, bring the total to about 178,000.

As well, Andy Beshear’s orders did not require former felons to complete payment of fines or other legal costs before gaining the right to vote, an issue that has snarled implementation of a 2018 ballot initiative that ordered the restoration of voting rights in Florida.

Kentucky’s constitution denies the vote to anyone with a felony conviction, but allows the governor to restore that right to individuals, ONE at a time. (A BLANKET pardon for groups is unconstitutional. Bevin had intended to ask Kentuckians to vote on a ballot measure as to whether or not felon voting rights should be restored. It would be the people’s decision.)

Andy's dad, Steve's, pardons and commutations on his final day in office included 10 women whose court and prison records show they had been convicted of killing their husbands or significant others after the women had been victims of domestic violence.

In 2019, Andy won by only about 5,000 votes against Bevin. So, felons pardoned by Beshear could make a real difference in his face-off with Cameron.

2019 General Election final tally


As a poll worker in the May 2023 Primary, the last registered voter to whom I issued a ballot, after some work to verify her eligibility, was a pardoned felon. How do I know? She offered the information.