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2022 Wanton Endangerment Trial
This video is a look back at the Brett Hankison case tried in the Jefferson Co. Circuit Court in March 2022. Trials in federal courts in KY do not permit cameras.

Brett’s federal trial held in November 2023 has been declared a mistrial. A conference to determine next steps is scheduled for December 13. Fastzone is posting a blog series on the USA v. Brett Hankison Mistrial. Read more.

VIDEOS: (1) LouMed Education (2) Gangs (3) Student Protests

FMS B corp
Is FMS the only B Corp in the Louisville MSA (statistical area)?

What is a B Corp? | How to be a B Corp

Does B Corp perpetuate its assumptions by the B Corp certification requirements? What is the way forward?

Bamboo Health raises nearly $34 million

Bamboo Health Holding Company Inc. has raised a $33.7 million round of funding, according to a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.
Bamboo Health Louisville
“Bamboo’s platform provides health care workers with insights on patient physical, behavioral and social health in order to help clinicians make better care decisions and improve patient outcomes, according to the release. The platform features real-time notifications, performance metrics, care coordination and prescription drug monitoring, among other services. … ” Bamboo was formerly known as Appriss Health and PatientPing.
TARC ridership has fallen 41% since Covid-19 and 58% over the last decade.

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Rand Paul calls for FULL AUDIT of the Fed

Rand Paul

Asks FBI and Mayorkas about checks cut to social media to delete free speech

Rand for Free Speech

New 501c3 Think Tank: Kentucky Forum for Rights, Economics and Education (KYFREE)
KY Free announced
Sarah Durand, VP, Government Affairs, and Andrew McNeill, President, Kentucky Forum for Rights, Economics and Education, at Louisville Tea Party meeting.
Republican Women's' Federal Forum
Kentucky has the first chapter of the Republican Women’s Federal Forum!
RWFF, Washington, DC, was founded in 1973. Join RWFFKY for its Kickoff Dinner on December 2.
Republican Women
This fall RWFF-KY joined Constitutional KY to rally in Frankfort to draw attention to societal dangers to children.

RAND PAUL: It's not a conservative notion to borrow money from China to send it to Ukraine.

Detox help

KY Joins Amicus Brief in Support of Free Speech

Thank you Attorney General Daniel Cameron!
Anderson County Parent Anguish
Anderson County Public School
Comer bearing down on Biden investigation
Comer on FOX News
Rep. James Comer reveals new twists in Hunter Biden probe

USA & World

Major conservative breakthroughs in Holland and Argentina!

Visualize $1 Billion and $1 Trillion
million and billion

US Debt INTEREST Payments now surpass $1B

REPORTED by BNN Bloomberg on 11-7-23: Estimated annualized interest payments on the US government debt pile climbed past $1 trillion at the end of last month, Bloomberg analysis shows. That projected amount has doubled in the past 19 months from the equivalent figure forecast around the time…
SPORTS NEWS: Cruel death | Deadly accident

2023 Natural Disasters to date

Biden Administration Expedites Work Authorization for Illegal Aliens

As the border crisis intensified over the summer, resulting in newly-arriving illegal aliens overwhelming many cities and states – particularly in Democratic strongholds – local officials intensified their demands that the Biden administration find a way to grant work authorization to migrants more quickly. Read more.

Legal Loopholes for Illegal Immigrants

The Biden administration released a statement Thursday warning financial institutions against using a person’s immigration status in credit applications.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) released a joint statement telling financial institutions that while it is not illegal to consider a person’s immigration status in the decision on whether to lend money, an overreliance on it could run afoul of the law, according to the statement. The statement implicates the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA), which makes it illegal to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex and more in considering a person’s credit application as the mechanism, even though the law does list citizenship status as a protected attribute...

Legalization of marijuana and the effects on pregnant women

Pay Attention America

million and billion
Trump Real Estate Empire Defense

Antisemitism Exposed | Will the real Jew please stand up?