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Brett Trial Blog
Brett’s federal trial in November 2023 was declared a mistrial. The DOJ intends to retry the case in October 2024. Should this case be retried? To support Brett, go here.
Louisville Neighborhood Rankings
stellar snacks
Gov. Beshear, Stellar Snacks Announce Largest Economic Development Project in West Louisville in Over 20 Years!
Woman-owned pretzel manufacturer to create 350 jobs over 10 years with $137 million investment. Maybe. Is this another example of a private-public partnership?
Louisville Metro Council is asking the state to provide incentives for a project in the Park Hill neighborhood. The city plans to ask the Kentucky Economic Development Financial Authority to provide a $2.25 million grant for the Stellar Snacks project in west Louisville. Read more.
Blue Heron Eastwood, Ky (3090023234)
Eastwood may become a new city in Jefferson County
The year 2024 means Jefferson County's annexation rules will be changing. Starting this July, residents living outside Louisville's Urban Core will be able to decide whether they want to form their own city — or join another one — regardless of the Louisville Metro Council's opinion.
Comparing Louisville with Minneapolis Part 1 | Part 2

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Congressman Massie:
Voting by citizens only
BRAVO Senator Lindsey Tichenor (R)
Lindsey Tichenor
A Resolution has been filed to:: Acknowledge the events of January 6, 2021, and recognize those citizens who have been wrongfully held without due process.
Call the Legislative Message Line, 1-800-372-7181 to express support for SR 50.
Josh Calloway and Steve Rawlings
Representatives Josh Calloway and Steve Rawlings
Kim Davis
ACLU punishes Kim Davis
Judge Bunning, Eastern District, US District Court-KY, has ordered Kim Davis, the former Kentucky county clerk who refused to issue gay marriage licenses, to pay $260,000 in legal fees to David Ermold and David Moore.

Liberty Counsel will appeal to Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals
Still working for Kentuckians
attorney general cameron
Daniel Cameron will hold corporations accountable to shareholders
Safer Kentucky Act
Defended by legislators
Senator Stephen Meredith
Anti-DEI Bill
Senator Stephen Meredith is sponsoring SB 93, a bill aimed at preventing education funding to go to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging frameworks in K-12 schools. Read more.

DEI hurts children

USA & World

Amy Coney Barrett sides with SCOTUS liberals

Red States
Red states issue joint statement supporting Texas | Image credit

Dont’t tap your credit card to buy

After a dozen years under a Consent Decree...
Crime in Los Angeles
100 percent fed up: Military demands action

Gene Editing Explained

James Madison school in Brooklyn
Making way for immigrants: An entireNew York high school will temporarily go virtual to make room for roughly 2,000 migrants, it announced Tuesday.


BRUNSWICK, Maine (TND) — Maine has begun paying rent for homeless immigrants living in apartments located in the town of Brunswick... Read more.


Rapper 50 Cent denounced the state of California’s decision to provide illegal immigrants with taxpayer-funded health care in an Instagram post Wednesday... Read more.


DOJ sues Texas for allowing local law enforcement officers to arrest illegal aliens... Read more.

Geoengineering breakthrough
Learn more about those “CHEMTRAILS” you see nearly daily in the sky, no matter wher you live.

US Foreign Policy Evaluation