How I can tell the internet is changing

male temple hair

Not too long ago— four years (?), I easily searched on Google for male temple hair and why men shave it off. I had a desire to understand the “beanie” cut (my description) that I would see on some men. I did not like the look of a half-shaved head. Not that my opinion was important.

At that time I found web pages that described the masculine look of men was in part derived from their temple hair which rendered a square facial shape or look. This was in contrast to women who have less pronounced temple hair and a more rounded look, which is considered to be more feminine.

I recently wanted to cite this difference and could not find a single web page that describes sex (gender) differences pertaining to temple hair. So, I have surmised that Google does not want us to think that men should or do have square shaped faces and women, more rounded ones.

Of course, I realize that nature can define an individual’s personal expression of hair, and there are many instances of a man’s temple hair fading away with age or men may like a more rounded look.

I do like the shaved head look and with the many bald men in my family, I like that look, too. So, I perceive that I object to men specifically shaving off their temple hair.

‘Back in the day’ crew cuts were popular. They were described as a relatively simple tapered hairstyle, with the top of the head trimmed short, and everything else even shorter… a great choice for modern men. The crew cut did not erase temple hair.

As a general rule, statues or busts of famous men of Western civilization show that they had abundant hair, wore wigs (and still do) to give that appearance, and did not shave their temples. But we also know that the Egyptians, Buddhist monks, and many others at times shaved their heads. So, a shaved head or its temple hair is a matter of personal hygiene or religious expression or some other distinctive.

Men, if you wish to look more feminine, you should shave off your temple hair. Maybe this statement will be ‘bot-ted’ on, and Google will show it in search results if anyone looks for male and female differences in facial hair.

Let’s all do what we can to controvert the Google algorithms!

Photo credit: Nina Rassen via Wikimedia Commons