Dan Popa

The Technology Association of Louisville KY (TALK) visited the Louisville Automation and Robotics Research Institute (LARRI) and for a tour and presentation by Dan Popa, the Director of LARRI. (shown) He is also head of the Next Generation Research Group (NGS) conducting research in two main areas: 1) social and physical human–robot interaction through adaptive interfaces and robot tactile skins; and 2) the design, characterization, modeling, and control of micro, nano and precision robotic systems. Join TALK for its next event in April.

LARRI's current projects include development of a computer interface to enable human control of a robot simply by thinking or mental focusing on direction. 'Transmitting thoughts' is different from Elon Musk's neural link that is an invasive way to achieve movement of a human's body through computer interface. In either case, a person who is a paraplegic (etc) may be helped to become more independent.

Many other robots were shown, including a nurse assistant which is designed to help patients with tasks now performed by a provider and the little man shown below.

Dan Popa with doctoral student