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Favicon resource

Looking back over the quite-a-few years, I recall the need to always create a favicon for a website. It seemed to be one of the last things I did. It is important, but can wait.

As usual, the requirements for this aspect of a website change routinely, so it becomes necessary to research what to do as the need arises.

Happily, there are some fantastic resources to help web designers quickly create the various favicons needed for the platforms and devices that need one. I settled on one.

I have used REAL FAVICON GENERATOR for several needs recently, and gotta hand it to them. The service works great and saved me a lot of trouble. Thanks, REALFAV!

Retaining DropDownList selection on return from linked page

I spent numerous hours researching if a view resulting from a selection in a DropDownList could be retained after clicking to a new page. This was needed for a school website in order to select the list of classes of a particular discipline, then click on a class, go to a new page, and return to the selected class list.

I explored lots of options, but finally implemented a simple solution----

Add a javascript: function goBack() with window.history.back() as the definition of the function. Then put a button on the visited razor view page to go back to the page that has the DropDownList with onclick="goBack()" within the button tag. This is a client solution that uses the browser's cache functionality.

Previously there was a Html.ActionLink to return to the Index page. This resulted in a view of all content, not the previously selected course list.

Please comment if you like this solution, or feel it will eventually cause a dilemma.

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