Chatbots are in the news. Should you invest in this prospect? What is a chatbot?

“Chatbots have the power to personalize a business, give customers a more intimate experience and build consumer loyalty by giving a phone menu or website store a pleasant, responsive, human personality. They may eventually take the place of customer-service people, store clerks and even psychotherapists as computer speeds and artificial intelligence evolve.”

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True or False?

  1. Outdoor advertising is an excellent medium for targeting affluent consumers.
  2. Advertising on the Internet is the closest technique to personal selling.
  3. Using an animal as a "model" in a print ad enhances its memorability.
  4. Newspaper is a great medium for image campaigns.
  5. Among TV, radio, newspaper and magazine, the shortest elapsed time between ad exposure and the day's biggest purchase is with TV.
  6. Magazines help advertisers relate intangibles such as quality and prestige.
  7. Trade publications are a good buy for pretrade show ads to build attendance at your exhibit.
  8. Frequency (sending a message a certain number of times) is essential for effective media advertising and for direct mail.


  1. True.
  2. False. TV advertising is. However, as the Internet becomes even more interactive with realtime video and audio clips, it will be.
  3. True.
  4. False. Use it instead to announce sales, new shipments, etc.
  5. False. It's with radio.
  6. True.
  7. True.
  8. Generally true.